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How DS Laboratories launched with reviews for their major retail debut

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Find a way to have reviews already in place when launching new products on retailer site.


Use Bazaarvoice’s Brand Edge program to collect their own reviews and publish them on retailer sites.


Run and manage a review program with minimal resources; collect and publish reviews on retailer sites in a matter of weeks; get insights from reviews to improve products and processes; recognize revenue increases through the retail sales channel.

Which came first, the customer purchase or the customer review?

DS Laboratories popped the champagne and the celebration was in full swing – the company had just nalized its newly minted deal to sell its personal-care products with a major retailer. This partnership represented a great opportunity for the company, but also surfaced a common dilemma – how does one build consideration and sales for a product new to a retail channel?

“You really need customer reviews to sell a new product on a retailer’s site,” says David De Nino, Director of E-commerce. “But you can’t get reviews from the retailer’s customers until after they buy the product.” It’s a chicken or the egg scenario.

No time to figure out the reviews thing? No problem.

As a one-man marketing department, De Nino’s hands were full, so pulling together the resources and devoting the time to manually reach out to existing customers for review content was simply not an option. That’s why Bazaarvoice has partnered with major retailers on a Brand Edge program to provide a streamlined solution for collecting and publishing reviews to retail sites. De Nino notes, “Brand Edge turned out to be exactly what we needed. I can’t believe how effortless it made it for us to get customer reviews and publish them to our channel partner’s website.”

“Within 4 months of launching our products, we saw a 235% revenue increase, much of which is attributable to having review content on our retailer’s product pages.”

David De Nino
Director of E-commerce
DS Laboratories

After a quick and easy online signup, the program begins immediately. “I just uploaded my customer contacts and the rest happened with minimal effort on my part,” says De Nino. Customers automatically receive an email asking for a review, Bazaarvoice collects and moderates them based on retailer standards, and then automatically publishes them to the retail site.

“Within 1 month of launching, we were able to go from 0% to 100% product review coverage with the help of Bazaarvoice, says De Nino. Additionally, we saw a 235% revenue increase in just 4 months, much of which is attributable to having review content on our retailer’s product pages. We later published our collected review content on Costco.com which resulted in a 144% revenue increase in just 30 days.”

In the end, it all comes back to just how important reviews are to retail sales. “You’re not going anywhere without reviews,” De Nino says. “People today simply won’t buy a product without reviews. It’s great to have a solution that is working in our favor to help us collect and publish them on retail sites.”

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