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Reviews are the best way to grow sales

How it works

Collect reviews

It’s difficult to get reviews without asking, so we help you streamline the process. We make it simple for you to send out review requests and make it easy for your customers to tell the world how much they love your products. Collected reviews will then be moderated and distributed to retail sites.

Launching new products?
Don't have customer contacts?

We can help you create and customise product sampling campaigns to collect and distribute ratings & reviews from real consumers to retail e-commerce sites.
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Hear what your customers have to say

Keeping up with customer reviews is important, that's why we make it easy to see what your customers have to say in one place. Our consolidated review dashboard makes it simple for you to see customer feedback, identify product issues, and realise product suggestions.

Distribute reviews to retail sites

Getting your reviews to show up on retailer sites doesn’t have to be complicated. We have partnered with major retailers around the globe to make it easy for brands to automatically distribute content to their sites.

Measure brand perception

Measure and track your brand perception over time. We rank you based on review rating, volume, freshness, and coverage. Let us help you build a passionate customer base that can boost your product sales.